Are you still hesitating about bringing your pupils?
CELEBRATE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE : Immersing yourself in an English speaking country is the best way to improve your language skills.  Your students will put into practice their classroom skills and realise the importance of having a second language.  Theory becomes a reality, and they will quickly learn a new culture in a new environment.
MOTIVATE YOUR STUDENTS: Allowing your students to perfect their English and work skills outside of France, will provide them with a new outlook, not to mention the benefits that your school and classroom will see through having students with multilingual skills.
This type of experience motivates students enormously, and we have found that students give 100% during their placement if their school are on side.
CREATING A LINK WITH THEIR FUTURE CAREERS : Spending several months abroad allows a student to establish new skills on their CV, and for it to stand out. It will often be one of the first professional experiences in their chosen field.  They will be required to pass a selection process by yourselves, and then send us their CV and a cover letter in English and in French.  They will then be required to do an interview with a member of our team.  Once here, they will be expected to adhere to certain regulations and respect their new employers.  This course allows students to gain a new level of maturity, and bridge the gap between education and employment.
MAKE THE MOST ABROAD: Of course, the main benefit of studying abroad, is the gaining of new working and language skills.
You are giving your students the chance to explore new territories, discover new cultures, and understand working environments. England and Ireland will also enable students to discover, should they choose to, the benefit of working with charity shops - working within a team, which will provide them with a sense of solidarity and accomplishment.


To travel abroad with your students is no easy task.  To find them work placements which fit their individual profiles, suitable host families which correspond to their health and dietary requirements, and to provide possible activities, is something which we specialize in. We have turned these years of research, into a career.  There is no need to do any of the research, we will take care of it all for you.


Covering everything from A to Z

- We will come and greet your students upon their arrival, in order to confirm all final details with them in person.

- We take charge of matching your students with employers, according to their profiles, and English skills, in order to find the best match.

- We will take care of the documents needed in advance prior to the students arrival, such as Europass, Bus pass etc. 


10 years experience working with French schools

- Our partners in France generally receive government funding which allows their students to take part in such courses abroad, such as Erasmus + introduced in 2015. Since 2008 we have been working in collaboration with several educational sectors in France, and so we understand your needs and requirements.

- We have an array of diverse professional contacts:
Hotel and restaurant industry, Sales - Commerce, Assistant Managing, Retail, Secretarial - Accountancy, IT, Care, Marketing - Communications, Design, Graphic Design... 

- We place your students in homestays with pre-approved host families who welcome students and look forward to welcoming all students and tailored requirements: dietary requirements, allergies, phobies etc...


- Our team accompanies your students on the first day of their internship, and follows their progress until their last day. We send your students a preparation kit prior to their arrival, in order for them to get acquainted with what will be expected of them.

- We find your students host families who have been checked and approved by our Homestay coordinators, and who will ensure your students feel at home.

- Your students are provided with a mobile phone, with credit, for the entirety of their stay, so that they can always be in touch should an emergency arise, or should they wish to contact their host family for any reason.  They can also contact members of the Breakaway team at any time.

- Throughout the placement, we undertake regular follow-ups with the students in order to check they are happy with their work placements, happy with their host families, and we are happy to provide regular summaries of these updates to the schools.T



- We leave the pre-selection of the students to the organizing school / college, in order for them to put the students forward they feel will benefit the most from the time abroad.

- We ask you to collect the documents from your students so that we can organise their placements (CV, letter of motivation, health requirements, objectives etc) We also ask you to ensure that each student has insurance prior to their trip.

- Whilst the students are coming to improve their language skills, we ask that you prepare them wherever possible, so that their transition to life in a new country goes as smoothly as possible.

- We ask that you remain contactable during your students stay, should a member of our team need to be in touch with you.

Length of programme: 3 weeks to 6 months 

This programme consists of :

- Unpaid work experience in a business sector of your choice

- Assistance with accommodation

- Accommodation close to the nearest station / bus stop to your work

- Hire of a mobile phone, with credit (a deposit of £20 will be required)P

- Assistance and follow-ups with a member of the team throughout your stay.


Length of programme: 1 to 3 weeks

This programme consists of:

- The morning : intensive English lessons by native tutors.

- The afternoon : professional work experience in the domain of charity shops, commercial sector, in order to gain knowledge of sales and retail, and for students to experience team building and solidarity.

Length of programme : 1 to 3 weeks

This programme consists of:

- The morning : similar to the programme WorkIn Uk, language classes will be provided to help students grow new language skills.

- The afternoon : discovery of England. The position of Eastbourne will permit students to visit different touristic sights and local points of attraction

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