Seaside resort which is said to be the “sunniest place in the UK”. It’s history goes back to the medieval period when it was just a village. It then grew into a seaside town during the 18th century thanks to the Duke of Devonshire. During WWII, Eastbourne was frequently attacked by the Nazis as it was considered one of the possible landing sites for an invasion and its famous hotels were often used as field hospitals. Today, tourism is one of the main sources of income for the town where many Londoners come to stay to make the most of the sun. One of the main attractions is the pier which suffered a fire in 2014, but has since been repaired.


Learn or improve your English

Would you like to speak the language of Shakespeare? What better way to learn English than true immersion to develop your language skills? England is the ideal place do to so. Whether it’s at your place of work or at your host family, you will be constantly speaking in English.

You can benefit from a European grant called Erasmus + and other regional grants are also available.

Grants and financial help are available for those wishing to work and learn English in countries participating in the Erasmus programme. The Erasmus + grant (an EU programme), provides funding for people of all age groups who do not necessarily have the means to go abroad. There are also regional grants and financial help that may be available; please ask your local authority.

Make your CV stand out

Doing a placement in England while learning a new language adds valuable experience to your CV.  Moreover, if you choose a field within which you’d like to form a career, you are constantly strengthening your professional skills.

A sabbatical to discover British culture

Studies can be quite demanding, and require time and rigour. Have you taken a sabbatical,  or need an internship to validate your academic year? Why not go to the UK where you will be close to some of Europe’s most dynamic cities; London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Manchester, Liverpool and Oxford, in a country rich with history and culture.

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