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Image by Paul Berthelon Bravo

Breakaway's start

My name is Marie, I am French, I lived in sunny Provence until I was 21 years old.


Despite the beauty of the south of France, I felt the need to escape,

to discover something new.


In 2003, I decided to go to England, however my English level was not strong enough to give me the confidence I needed to go by myself. So I chose to use the services of a placement agency.


Thanks to their help, my stay in the UK went really well and I found this first experience abroad extremely fulfilling - it actually changed my life.

I realised at that time that helping people go abroad and supporting them in living this amazing experience was a dream I wanted to focus my time and energy on. After a few years of work and study, my dream finally came alive - Breakaway was formed.


Living an experience abroad may look daunting and challenging for some. 

Assistance and support is what Breakaway can provide.


Since our start, we have assisted many people with their mobility projects and I would like to thank them for their trust.

I am committed in making your future project abroad as successful and fulfilling as mine was.

Marie Chevallier

Founder of Breakaway

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