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My name is Marie, I am French, I lived in sunny Provence until I was 21 years old.


Despite the beauty of the south of France, in 2003 I felt the need to escape, to discover something new.


I decided to go to England, however my level of English was not strong enough to give me the confidence I needed to go by myself, so I chose to use the services of a placement agency.


Thanks to their help, my stay in the UK went really well and I found this first experience abroad extremely fulfilling - it actually changed my life.

I realised at that time that helping people go abroad and supporting them in living this amazing experience was a dream I wanted to focus my time and energy on. After a few years of work and study my dream finally came alive - Breakaway was formed.

I understand the project you would like to undertake; travelling abroad on your own in a country you don’t know may seem daunting and challenging. 

Assistance, support and safety is what you need to build the confidence to make your project happen, and this is what my team and I are here for.


Many people have already entrusted us in helping them with such projects and I’m very pleased to say that their stay was a success.


I am committed in assisting you in the same way and will ensure your experience abroad is as fulfilling as mine was.


Marie Chevallier

Founder of Breakaway


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Hello, my name is Elodie and I am the Operations Manager in Ireland. Of French origin, I arrived in Ireland 7 years ago for an internship. I fell in love with the Irish culture, its history and breathtaking landscapes. Today it is with pleasure and quite naturally that I help people from all over the world to find an internship  in Ireland and Estonia and to live this wonderful adventure!

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Hi, I’m Priscilla and I am in charge of all mobilities taking place in the UK and Malta. I left France a few years ago to travel, my last destination was England and I have remained since! There is definitely something special about the English culture! I really enjoy helping people with their projects and being part of their new adventure!

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Hi, My name is Amandine, I'm from France and I'm a customer service assistant at Breakaway.  I decided to move to Ireland because I felt really attracted by the culture, the landscape and the spirit of the people.I am very interested in people and find that travelling is a wonderful experience for the mind and heart. Now I am delighted to help French students find an internship in this amazing country! 

Hello,  I'm Valerie, of French origin, arrived in Ireland in 2019 because I decided to take a new start in my life. And what's better than this amazing country full of beauties, legends and inhabited by wonderful people ? Breakaway help students to live a fantastic new experience and i am proud to be part of that dream by providing our students accommodations  for the time of their internship! 

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Hi, my name is Marie and I’m the founder and Director of Breakaway. Originally from France, I decided to move to the UK in 2003. A few years later, Breakaway was born. Running this company ever since and helping people to live extraordinary experiences abroad has been extremely satisfying and rewarding.


Manager for Ireland and Estonia


Manager for UK and Malta

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Accommodation Coordinator