With its natural beauty, its hills, its rocky pastures and impressive cliffs, who would not be in awe of the landscapes Ireland has to offer? Live an unforgettable adventure discovering Ireland’s rich countryside, learning English and the Irish way of life! Ireland is much loved by students; it’s famous and entertaining pubs are most certainly one of the reasons why!


Learning English in the land of Leprechauns

Ireland is very attractive to students who want to learn English. You will not find more welcoming people or greener landscapes anywhere else. Moreover, if you come from a Eurozone country, Ireland has Euro too!

Stay in Ireland without spending too much

Going abroad can sometimes mean spending a lot of money. The Erasmus + programme enables you to carry out an internship abroad. You can learn more about grants and financial help on the website of your country’s embassy or regional and local authority websites.

Show your worth and determination on your CV

You surely know already that the Irish accent is more difficult to understand than your average English accent. In going to Ireland to improve your English, you can underline some of your skills and abilities to your future employer: your tenacity, your pugnacity, your determination and the will to succeed.

Setting out to discover Ireland

Ireland offers the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience. Set out to discover its famous pubs which are renowned for being the meeting place for locals and newcomers alike. Ireland is rich in culture and Galway is located within accessible reach for the rest of the country: the Connemara, Dublin, Cork and Mayo County.

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