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I had an incredible 3 months experience in Ireland despite the pandemic period. I joined a great host family and I was considered a member of it, I also experienced the Irish work culture at an equestrian centre.
I would like to thank Elodie and her team for this and as well as for the perfect follow-ups throughout my stay. I came out of this immersion enhanced, and my English too!

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A remarkable stay in Ireland with the discovery of a sublime country, an exceptional country and welcoming people!I was able to improve my English and discover how a business works abroad.A big thank you to Elodie for her support and professionalism during these 3 months in Ireland!

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I did my first mobility with Breakaway in Eastbourne, England, and I then decided to also have a second one in Ireland, to discover another country and culture, while improving my English!I keep a great memory of these experiences!

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Hi, my name is Yassine, I am French and I am 21 years old.
This year I was looking for an internship in the field of marketing but the Covid makes it difficult for everyone.
A friend recommended the Breakaway Agency to me and with them I spoke about my expectations regarding the internship. From February to July I will be the community manager in an Irish coffee shop! I learn a lot even though I work remotely.

I never thought that I would one day have the opportunity to have a chance like this to do an internship abroad. But remotely it is also possible!



 I decided  to go Ireland to surpass myself and I will leave with a new family, a good experience and a lot of landscapes in my memory.
I was accompanied throughout my stay by Breakaway even during the quarantine, they were there to start to improve my English and to keep me busy.

I'm not bilingual but now I'm not afraid to speak English.


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I am extremely happy to have been able to participate to this adventure as it has been very enriching for me. Thanks to Elodie I was able to do an internship which met my expectations and more, I was also able to improve my English and advance in my professional project.
Despite a difficult health situation, I really felt that I was being supported throughout my internship.
A big thank you to Elodie! 


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Breakaway let me work in a small  company composed of less than 10 people, specialized in stoves  and fuel for heating systems.
My goals were, at first, to gain experience in an  international context, deal with customers and to learn how to run a business. 

I was in charge of developing the business online (put the advertisements online), liaising  with customers, helping to manage the showroom and other small tasks.
I will keep in  mind these 3 months as a nice experience with nice guys.
I also continued studying English on my own and tried to converse as often as possible with  my family host. 

I recommend this kind of job abroad, mainly due to the progress in working with people  from other nationalities. It's also great to pick up the maximum benefits of it, and show  you are able to adapt yourself to a different context.

Hopefully this testimonial could be helpful to the ones interested in moving abroad. Many thanks to Elodie for her support during all this period. 

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Hello ! Thanks to Breakaway and despite the Coronavirus crisis, I quickly obtained a 3-month internship in a large Irish company in the medical device sector.
I would like to particularly thank Elodie who was very efficient, she managed to convince the company to offer me an internship despite my little experience in the business sector and my intermediate level of English. Despite a complicated start to the internship and a difficult adaptation, it was a great adventure.
I was supported and supervised by Breakaway throughout all my internship period.
Thank you for your availability and your professionalism! As a bonus for this internship, the host company agreed to keep me longer and offered me a 6-month fixed-term contract.
In short, I highly recommend Breakaway for the organization of internships abroad.



Hello, I'm Kevin! I live in Paris and decided to take a year off after my license. So I wanted to try the experience of doing an internship in England with the help of Breakaway for almost 4 months.

So I am going to share my experience with you and I hope that sharing this will also make you want to come.

Frankly, everything went really well, I did my internship in a charity shop in Brighton with wonderful people.

Even if you are not very comfortable socially or anything else they will always try to make you feel comfortable. Having made the mobility in Brighton gave me a lot of emotions, I met beautiful people, the city itself will never make you feel bored and there is something for everyone's tastes.


The Breakaway staff was very nice, I spent a lot of time with them having lived through two quarantines during my mobility (yes I know it's hard haha) but always there listening to me by setting up activities so that I could always improve our English.

I clearly feel a big difference in my level of English, it's more fluid than before!


So yes, for all these things, those who would hesitate, I suggest you give the adventure a try, it's a good little challenge!

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Hi ! My name is Marie, I'm 31, and I learned how to be a barber in France. After my school I had the opportunity to improve my skills thanks to the mobility with BREAKAWAY in Ireland, I started to work in a barber shop in Limerick after the lockdown.. Before, during and after my mobility the BREAKAWAY agency take care about me : quarantine, relations with host family, with my new boss.. The lovely Elodie helped me to find my place, to feel confident in a new country, she gave me very good advices with her own experience, and now I feel able to be totally independent, to speak fluent English, to manage my new life here, and stay longer! To be part of this program was a unique and great experience, very safe thanks to the follow up. I would like to say thank you to Elodie for helping me a lot during the lockdown, and even after. Now, I'm a full time barber, I keep going practice and getting better and better in my job, language, life everyday. It's a real opportunity for me, accomplishment, to be able and proud to say I am a professional barber in Ireland, country of my heart forever. To the future students : No hesitations! GO! " Everything is possible, even the impossible... " Merci pour votre suivi et votre professionnalisme. I would like to thanks  Breakaway,

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Thanks to Breakaway I had the opportunity to do a 3 week internship in Malta during my school studies.
It was an amazing experience, and I don't think I could ever have something similar again!
Breakaway prepared a tour program for us for our days off, I really enjoyed everything they showed us.
Without Breakaway and their incredible team, I would have never been able to experience the professional world in a foreign country.
Thank you Breakaway for this once in a lifetime opportunity: D

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I am very happy to have such a wonderful professional experience within a very beautiful English company!
I am also very grateful to the Breakaway Team, who helped me a lot throughout my stay.
You are doing a very good job.


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My trip to Malta was great and mostly thanks to our guides (hey girls) !!! They guided us, supported us, made us laugh, nothing but happiness!
The visits were great, the discovery of the island and the support provided during the internship, too 🤩

During the internship, we had to speak English because the Maltese do not speak French!
This is the best way to learn a language and teach them ours.
It also taught me to know and understand how life is in another country 😄

I really intend to go back there, and why not again with the team who took care of us!

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We are a host family in the West of Ireland.  We had a wonderful experience of hosting two students this year.  We dealt with the wonderful Team and found them very helpful and professional.
We look forward to sharing our home again and we are happy to give people a chance to experience Ireland and to improve their English.




For me, Malta has been a very enriching experience.
I was able to discover a country that I did not know, meet new people, improve my English and this allowed me to create very beautiful memories.

With the Breakaway team, who were our "nanny" during this trip, everything went extremely well.
They showed us around Malta and they were there for us all the time.

I was also able to do a great internship in a retirement home where people were very welcoming and caring.
My experience in Malta is something I will never forget.

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Hi ! Let me introduce myself: I am Alexandre and during my school year I decided to participate in one of the Breakaway work experiences.
At first, I was a bit afraid of being alone in a foreign country.
So I took my courage in both hands as I knew that this experience could have been perfect for my CV or in my career. I am currently a policeman and this experience helps me enormously in my job.
I had a great Host Family who gave me good meals and a good atmosphere, it's really impressive to be alone in a country you don't know. I was able to do a lot, go out in Brighton, visit the Pier, the aquarium and a few shops.
I'm very shy but this trip allowed me to feel more comfortable around people, so take advantage as this only happens once in a lifetime GO FOR IT! ENJOY IT!

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Hello! I am Anthony! Despite the coronavirus crisis I decided to step up in my life and and leave France to come in Ireland and work here. In order to realise this project I put my trust into Breakaway for the first step of this project by starting an internship to be sure that it is the thing I wanted and to get back my English while I begin my job research. I’m so grateful to Brakeway and especially to Elodie because today my project is a success! I was welcomed in a little company of Galway with a super staff, very nice, helpful and above the work we became more friends than co-workers. I can’t thanks enough Elodie for her help, trust and advise. She was always positive, smiling and is one of the most kindest person I had ever mate and she always do her best to reach your expectation. My advise : if you want it do it and whatever is your project you can trust Breakaway to help you ! 

I chose this experience in order to challenge myself, and I also took advantage of it to improve my English.

Despite the Covid, Eastbourne was a pleasant city to discover, I made very good encounters, I have been able to benefit from a good framework within my company and a very good follow-up with Breakaway.

I am now ready to leave enriched by this first experience with success.

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